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Page Yield

Page yield refers to the estimated number of pages that can be printed using a particular ink cartridge or toner cartridge before it needs to be replaced. The printer manufacturer typically provides it as a specification for their products. Printer yield is usually measured by the number of pages based on specific testing conditions, such as standard page coverage (usually around 5% coverage of the page with ink or toner).

For example, suppose a printer cartridge has a yield of 500 pages. In that case, it means that under standard printing conditions and average page coverage, you can expect to print approximately 500 pages before the cartridge needs to be replaced. It’s important to note that the actual number of pages you can print may vary depending on factors such as the content of your documents, the printing settings used, and the overall cartridge efficiency.

Printer yield is useful for estimating the cost per page and planning cartridge replacements.

Ink cartridge cost / Page Yield = print cost per page

It allows users to gauge the expected lifespan of a cartridge and make informed decisions regarding when to purchase replacements. It is also essential to consider the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of different printers based on their yield when comparing printer models or purchasing ink or toner cartridges.

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