Best Cable Organisers for a Tidy Workspace

Managing cables is not just about aesthetics; it’s also about functionality and extending the life of your electronics. Cables left untended are prone to damage as they get twisted, bent, or pulled. A cable organizer protects cords from such wear and tear while also preventing them from becoming a tripping hazard. Moreover, identifying and troubleshooting connection issues becomes considerably easier when cables are well-organized.

Having thoroughly analysed various cable organizers on the market, I’ve located the finest options to cater to diverse needs. Whether you’re looking to manage a handful of charging cables or streamline an entire home office setup, my recommendations aim to promote both organisation and accessibility.

Best cable organiser for desk

When searching for the ideal cable organiser for my desk, I focus on a few key aspects: capacity, durability, and design.

Capacity: I need an organiser that can handle a mix of cables of varying thicknesses—from the slender ones like earphone wires to the chunkier ones like power cables.

Durability: A robust material, such as silicone or hard plastic, is vital since it ensures longevity and maintains cable organisation despite frequent use.

Design: I prefer organisers with a minimalist look that complement any desk setup rather than disrupt it.

Here’s a table highlighting popular options that meet these criteria:

Product NameMaterialCapacityFeature
CableClipSiliconeUp to 4 standard cablesColour-coded for easy identification
Channel Desk Cable OrganiserAluminium Alloy5 slotsSleek, metallic finish that blends well
Under-desk Cable Management TrayMetalSpacious tray designMountable under the desk, hidden away

For immediate cable access and minimal clutter, the CableClip shines with its simplicity and effectiveness in keeping smaller cables in place. If you’re aiming for a sleek and professional vibe, the Channel Desk Cable Organiser’s metallic finish works wonders. For those wanting to hide away cables completely, an under-desk cable management tray is the go-to, tidily tucking everything out of sight. Each of these options serves to declutter the workspace, allowing me to focus on my tasks without unnecessary distraction.

SOULWIT Cable Organisers


These cable holders are a total game-changer for anyone looking to declutter their cable chaos.


  • Sturdy adhesive makes placement a one-time task.
  • The soft material protects cables and makes insertion easy.
  • They’re perfect for all small cables, keeping everything neat and accessible.


  • Limited to cables under 6mm, which excludes some larger cords.
  • The non-magnetic feature might not appeal to everyone.
  • Slots can be too snug, requiring a bit of force to fit cables.

After giving the SOULWIT Cable Holders a go, I must say, I’m quite impressed with how they’ve managed to ease my cord clutter. These nifty little organisers come in a three-pack, suitable for anyone looking to get their cables under control without much fuss. While they excel at keeping my desk tidy, they’ve been equally effective in the living room, tidying up the space behind the TV.

One thing that struck me was the quality of the adhesive. It’s robust, and I’ve had no issues with the clips coming loose, even after repositioning a few cables. They’re discreet as well – once installed, they simply blend into the background, which is excellent for maintaining a professional or minimalist setup.

Now, there’s a small learning curve when starting out. The slots are designed to grip cables firmly, which is great once they’re in, but it does require a bit of pressure to insert thicker cords. Still, this is a minor inconvenience compared to the hours saved detangling cables every few weeks.

Overall, these SOULWIT Cable Holders are a straightforward solution to a common problem; they’re effective, durable and make any space look more organised. For anyone fed up with cable messes, these could be the answer you’ve been seeking.

TviewSmart Desk Cable Manager


I reckon you should grab this cable manager for its steadfast grip and clutter-free design, making cable organisation a breeze.


  • Robust 3M adhesive ensures a firm hold
  • Premium silicone build offers durability and ease of cleaning
  • Pack includes variably sized slots for versatile wire separation


  • Might leave residue if removed
  • Limited to white colour, which may not suit all decors
  • Not suited for particularly thick or bulky cables

Best Cable Management Under Desk

When organising cables under a desk, it’s crucial to ensure that everything is tidily secured and easy to access. I prefer using a combination of adhesive cable clips, under-desk trays, and cable sleeves for a clean setup.

Adhesive Cable Clips:

  • Advantages: Easy to install and reposition
  • Best For: Light cables such as USB or earphone wires

Under-Desk Cable Trays:

  • Advantages: Keeps all cables and power strips out of sight
  • Best For: Bundling numerous cables and heavy power cords

Cable Sleeves:

  • Advantages: Provides a neat, singular channel for all cables
  • Best For: Combining several cables into one manageable strand

For me, the most effective layout involves:

  1. Placing the adhesive clips at intervals to guide cables to the tray.
  2. Securing the power strip inside the under-desk tray.
  3. Bundling the remaining cables with a sleeve, leading them to their respective devices.

By using a combination of these items, my cable management remains both functional and discreet, keeping the under-desk area clutter-free and visually appealing. Each solution serves a purpose, and together they create an orderly and efficient workspace.

Baskiss Cable Trays


I recommend these Baskiss cable trays; they’re not just practical, but their sturdy design also provides a long-lasting solution for cable management.


  • Efficient in decluttering space and managing messy wires.
  • Robust and durable construction.
  • Large size accommodates a number of cables and accessories.


  • Requires a bit of effort to install under some desks.
  • The included screws may not be the highest quality.
  • Aesthetics are basic, purely functional without design frills.

Their solid metal construction has impressed me the most. In my experience, many organisers feel flimsy and can’t take much weight, but these held up well against the bulk of power adapters and cables I loaded them with. The size is rather generous too, easily fitting all the cables for my monitor, laptop, and other devices without looking crammed.

Installation was fairly straightforward, though it did require a bit more time than I anticipated. Lining up the trays under my desk and ensuring they’re secure took some effort, but once installed, they haven’t needed any adjustment. Some folks might find this a bit tricky, especially if they’re not used to handling tools or have a particularly heavy setup to work around.

Despite their practicality, I did notice that the screws provided could be of better quality. While I didn’t have any snap on me, I can understand how less careful handling might cause issues. It’s worth noting that the trays, while robust, won’t be winning any design awards— they’re very much about function over form.

Overall, these Baskiss cable trays are an effective and durable option for anyone looking to tidy up their cables under a desk or shelf. Their simplicity in design means they’re adaptable to a variety of settings, whether it’s in an office, a kitchen, or a gaming setup. The trays have transformed my previously cluttered cable situation into an organised, easily accessible hub.

Baskiss Cable Organiser

I believe the Baskiss Cable Management Box is an excellent choice for anyone looking to streamline their cable setup and improve home safety.


  • Effectively hides cables and declutters spaces
  • Safety-focused design keeps children and pets away from power strips
  • Wooden lid adds a stylish touch to home decor


  • May not accommodate larger power strips and adapters
  • Limited capacity for multiple or large cables
  • White plastic part may not suit all tastes

The safety aspect was a major plus for me. With the box covering the power strip, I no longer worry about my curious niece poking around dangerous electrical sockets. Also, my dog, who has a habit of chewing on anything in sight, now stays clear from the cables.

Aesthetically, the wooden lid brought an unexpected elegance that blended nicely with my office’s wooden furniture. However, I hit a snag with bulkier chargers, finding the box a bit cramped. While a snug fit helps with a compact look, it could also be a limitation for those with more extensive power needs.

SOULWIT Cable Clips

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I reckon these cable clips are a solid choice for anyone looking to declutter and organise their space effectively.


  • Superior adhesive backing stays put on various surfaces.
  • Made from robust, eco-friendly material to handle everyday wear.
  • Transparent design blends in with most environments seamlessly.


  • Limited to cables up to 8mm in diameter, which may not suit all cords.
  • Adhesive might damage delicate surfaces upon removal.
  • Plastic can become brittle and break if mishandled.

Cinati Cable Organiser Tray


I reckon it’s a great solution for those looking to streamline their workspace without permanent changes.


  • Clamps onto the desk, avoiding damage from drilling holes
  • Thoughtfully designed, including mats to prevent desk scratches
  • Comes complete with cable clips and ties for comprehensive cable management


  • Might have limited space for bulkier cords and power strips
  • White colour may not suit all desk aesthetics
  • Positioning flexibility can be limited depending on desk frame

In conclusion, if you’re after a neat, no-damage solution to cable chaos, this tray’s a cracker of a choice. It’s certainly made my workstation a whole lot neater and more efficient.

Buying Guide

When it comes to selecting the best cable organiser, I believe the key is to focus on your individual needs and the specific environments in which you’ll use the product. There are several factors to consider, which I’ve outlined in the following subsections and tables.

Assessing Your Space

Before I make a purchase, I evaluate the space where I intend to use the cable organiser. A small desk space may only require a simple solution, while a larger entertainment system or office might need a more complex system.

Capacity & Size

It’s crucial to consider how many cables you need to manage.

CapacityRecommended For
Small1-5 cables, e.g. personal desk
Medium6-12 cables, e.g. home office
Large13+ cables, e.g. entertainment hubs

Material Durability

Material is important for ensuring longevity. I look for durable materials that can withstand wear and tear.

Cable Access & Flexibility

An ideal organiser allows easy access and can adapt to my changing needs. Flexibility in adding or removing cables is a feature I value.

Ease of Installation

Ease of installation is another key aspect. I prefer organisers that require minimal effort to set up and can be re-positioned if necessary.


Finally, I consider how the organiser will fit with my room’s aesthetic. It should blend in seamlessly or complement the space, keeping it tidy without drawing unwanted attention.

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